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Showing you who we are behind the scenes.

What We Stand For


The Real You seeks to promote and encourage self discovery and the wonders therein. We strive to assist our clients in becoming the best versions of themselves.


To assist in better mental health and well being, starting with you!


Authenticity - Operating unapologetically and without shame of the truth

Integrity - Doing the right thing without reward and acknowledgement

Compassion - Treating others with respect and dignity regardless of circumstance

Honesty - Owning up to all things regardless of the outcome

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Our Founder / CEO

Chavontreal Allen is a mental health therapist and crisis counselor. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has a minor in Child and Family Services from Baylor University. She then completed her Master’s degree in Counseling from Prairie View A&M University.


She is licensed as a Professional Counselor with over 15 years of supervisory experience in residential settings for adolescents and children and a combined five years of counseling experience across a variety of treatment settings including: private practice, inpatient substance abuse, nonprofit crisis center, and confinement facilities. Chavontreal is also a Strong Star Training Initiative Network Provider where she is trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy.


Her theory is that when people can challenge and replace beliefs that have boxed them in and kept them stuck, people are free to be their most authentic selves.

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